How to deploy using release tags

I am currently deploying multiple applications to Render using Turborepo. The repository is being operated in GitHub flow, and the main branch is always deployed to Staging for testing. Then, it is reflected in Production at the time of Release.

Is there a way to deploy using release: latest like release version in render.yml?

Could you tell me, please?

Hi Yuki,

We don’t have this capability today. I’d encourage you to submit a feature request at It helps to include as much context as possible about your use case, the problem you’re looking to solve, and how you’re getting around it today to help us develop the best possible solution.

I do see which may be similar enough for you to just give it a quick upvote and a comment with your desired workflow. We rely heavily on customer feedback as a part of our planning and product roadmap process, so capturing interest on the feature request page is very helpful.

Hi, Jade!

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve checked the feedback page, and upvoted this request. I hope that Render will be able to implement this feature in the future.

Thank you so much.

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