How to clean published directory in Hugo

I made mistakes in my previous config in my Hugo website and some non canonical pages stay in the public directory ; they are not cleaned by the new builds : how can I manage that situation please in the dashboard ?

I reply to myself ,
the solution is to add in hugo.toml :
cleanDestinationDir = true

rebuild in Render,
wait a while until the propagation be done , and the old pages should disappear.

The problem is that 5h after, the old pages are still not suppressed : Render ??

The problem remains without solution 24 hours after , yes I can make redirects (that I did for main pages) but what else but change the hosting fr the long term if this feature does not work?
test : Contact | Applications Android modulaires interfacées de lecture mobile de données should display 404 page.

good solution from support : "
it is something in the build cache that is causing this, you can clear that with the “Clear build cache & deploy” option under the “Manual Deploy”."

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