Publish directory - where is it?

I need to point my Root and Publish direcory in my Hugo project. Looking to my project it is obvious that the Root is “scrivener” and the Publish is “public” (where is built).

Screenshot 2022-10-19 at 15.19.30

But why do I have such a message from the Render? Maybe, I wrote the path in a wrong way?

Oct 19 03:29:24 PM ==> Build folder scrivener/public does not exist!
Oct 19 03:29:24 PM ==> Build failed

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out.

I think we discussed this over chat, but for completeness, I’ll add the details here too.

Your public directory didn’t exist because it’s usually created at build time and your build command was empty. This is a Hugo site, so the Build Command should be along the lines of hugo --gc --minify, covered in our docs: Deploy a Hugo Static Site

Hope that helps


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