How to change region?

Is below steps right?

  1. Start a new Web Service and database with new region

  2. Do not change A Record

  3. Add old domain address to new Web Service

What happens at this point?
Will render automatically remove old domain from old project ?
Or i have to manually remove before step 3?

  1. Create CNAME record for www pointing to new app’s Render subdomain


Hi there,

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If you had tried adding the same domain to the new service it would show the error:

This domain already exists on another site. Please delete it from that site and try again.

You’ll need to remove the domain from the old service before adding it to the new one.

Hope that helps

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That will make the website temporary unavailable right?
Except that any another correction to those 4 steps?

Hi there,

Yes, you may have some missed requests to the custom domain between removing it from one service, adding it to the other and updating the CNAME.

The rest of the steps appear to be correct.

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I changed region from US west to US east for better latency.