Responding to thousands of different domains from a single Web Service

Hi, I’m working on a web hosting platform and I’m wondering if it’s possible or easy to respond to or direct thousands of different domain names to a single Web Service. I want to provide a simple way for users to direct their custom domains to a page generated by our service.

So, for example, we might have a user’s page served at a subdomain, using a wildcard resolution, but we’d also like to give the option for a user to map their custom domain to that subdomain.

Is this possible on Render? I’m thinking that this is probably just a DNS issue and it will be simple but I’m not sure.

You can use the Render API in your app to add/remove domains to your account to get the automatic SSL certificate generation. Your app would also need to know how to route by domain.

After 25 custom domains they cost $0.60/month per domain, so that’s something to be aware of.

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Awesome Possum, Thank you. This makes sense to me. Custom domains would probably be a paid feature so it makes sense that there is a cost associated with it.

Thank you!

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Hello Karl,

You can delete your account by logging in, going to your account settings page, and clicking “Delete Render Account”.


John B

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