How to cache bundle for jekyll site?

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pretty new to, I enjoy the service so far. So far I only have one issue considering the build time of our jekyll site. We’ve noticed that somehow the caching of Gems might not work properly since it takes ~2-3 minutes of our build time. I cannot find any hints in the settings for configuring the caching. Also the build log states that it’s downloading some sort of cache intitially (but I cannot figure out what exactly has been cached and been downloaded).

My build command is bundle; yarn; bundle exec jekyll build --config _config.yml,_config.production.yml

Could you give me a hint what could possibly be wrong? Or is that a known problem? I’m working on a pull request build, not the main branch (in case that makes any difference for caching)

Also I noticed, that when I commit my bundle to the repo the site is generated from and do not install the ruby dependencies per se (yarn; bundle exec jekyll build --config _config.yml,_config.production.yml) render is STILL running bundle install. So it seems to be some sort of default for ruby based static-sites, am I correct?

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Static Sites will automatically try and detect and install dependencies. If you don’t want this behavior, you can set an environment variable of SKIP_INSTALL_DEPS to true and then set your own dependency installation commands.

If you could share the service name/ID more details on service where you’re seeing the Gems not caching, we can take a further look. If you don’t want to share these details on the community forum, please feel free to raise a ticket with



Side-note: I’ve been deploying the site test-wise on netlify. There a subsequent build takes 40 seconds (with properly working caching on their side). That’s about what we want to achieve here on

We continued on a ticket, but just to update here, it does appear we had an issue with dependency caching which should now be resolved.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention.


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