How to add our service to the QuickStart section of yours?

Hi there Render, this is Zilong Zhou from Bytebase.
We are a start-up focusing on database schema change and version control for teams, and we have just released v1.0.0 recently. (here is our repo)
Render is a great product and we enjoy using it to support almost all of our workflow. I noticed that there is a QuickStart section, so I was wondering if you can add our product to the list.
If it is possible, what prerequisites should we meet first and what resource should we provide in order to make that happen?

Zilong Zhou

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Hi @Zilong_Zhou,

At the moment we don’t have a formal process for featuring community-contributed guides on our quickstart section. If you do create a guide for deploying Bytebase on Render, please feel free to share it here and I’ll flag it to our dev advocate.