How do I check to see what's using drive space?

Hello, I’m brand new to Render. My company moved a server over from Digital Ocean to Render a few days ago and disk space usage is increasing at an alarming rate ever since the move. How can I check to see specifically what’s eating up the disk space? I found the shell prompt but without root access it doesn’t seem that I can do much.

Hi Julia,

Thanks for reaching out.

You shouldn’t need root access to query disk usage, df / du / ls commands work as expected on our Native Environments. Things may differ if you’re referring to a Docker environment, as you’re in control of the OS.

If you’re referring to a Render Disk you would have set a mount path, e.g. /data, and to query that directory for its usage could be something like:

$ df -h /data

On a 1GB disk, with ~150MB use, that would give output like:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on/dev/sdbv 976M 152M 809M 16% /data

Something like du -ah /data would break down the file/directory sizes on the mounted disk.

Hope that helps


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