Google chrome aw snap out of memory when i try to load timestamp 43,200 data points

Hi everyone,
I am trying to load my sensor data on a plotly graph. The timestamp of data points is every 10 seconds getting 1 data point, so 60 seconds get 6 data points based on the timestamp. If I calculate 1 month of timestamp data it will be 43,200 data points.
when I selected 1 sensor to load 1-month data 43,200 data points, it worked fine.
But, if I try 3 sensors to load 1-month data 129,600 data points, it’s not worked fine.

I am getting this error when I try to load that kind of data.
the message is coming after a few minutes of load data.
I tried to reduce data points every minute with the pandas resample function df.resample(‘1T’).mean(). it’s not working with the parquet file, inversely if I try with the CSV file the resample mean() average function is working.

Could you help me please how could I load my data fast or is there any other function to get reduce my data points in minutes on a timestamp base?

Thank you in advance.

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Could you please open a support ticket via the “Contact Support” form in the dashboard, selecting the service you’re having an issue with?

Jérémy, Render Support

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