Django timeout error

I m trying to deploy my django website on render… initally the website only had a machining learning model in the backend and was displaying results, everything was working fine till then. but since i have added my tensorflow lstm models and generating real time plotly images based on my model generated results, it has stopped loading the site altogether, i even tried caching and my page loading speed has increased tremendously on my local server but render still hasnt changed. The logs keep showing worker timeout error and worker was terminated due to signal 9. What should i do?

Hi there,

It’s important to keep in mind your local machine is much more powerful than the free Instance Type.

I’d suggest trying a paid Instance Type, and keeping an eye on the metrics tab. That should give you a good idea of what kind of CPU and memory your service needs.

You can downgrade back to free at any time and you’re only charged for the minutes you were running as paid. So this kind of experiment could be done for just a few cents. Just remember to downgrade back to free if the paid plan is looking for you.



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