Google Analytics & CF Geo Data Not Working


I recently tested out render for a Rails app, and noticed my google analytics would not show any users, and also my app reads geo country location of the visitor from CloudFlare header, this data was also coming through as nil value causing my app to crash.

Any idea what might be causing this?

@MatthewKennedy we followed up via email.

@david I’m also interested in this. I noticed that my Google Analytics is not tracking users, despite having it loaded on the website.

Hi @rafaelquintanilha, I’m eager to help you debug this, particularly since others have reported the same issue. Can you provide the name of the affected site? Feel free to follow up here or in a DM.

Thanks @david I have followed up via DM. I’d really appreciate your help sorting this out, this is the only thing holding me to migrate completely to Render right now.


Thanks @rafaelquintanilha. We’re on it.

This was the only thing that stopped me from migrating everything over, and I do want to move over some day, did this issue get fixed?