International users not able to access static site

Hello Render Community!

I work on a React application hosted on Render, and we have some international users that intermittently cannot access our site. Whenever I get this report I go check and the site is up and running fine for me. In multiple cases the users have been able to access the site in the past, or are able to get back in after multiple attempts. I know for sure this is happening in Canada and France at the moment. We have our dns running through Cloudflare, and we checked there first and couldn’t find anything that would prevent those users from accessing our site. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue and has some pointers?

For reference, the users just get the generic This site can’t be reached page when trying to access our site.

Thank you so much for any help!

~ Josh

Hi @josh_d, sorry to hear some of your uses are having issues with accessing your site. Does this seem to be the case for most of your international users? If you can have one of them replicate the issue and capture the request id or Cloudflare ray id of the request, that may be helpful in tracking the issue down. You can DM with more details or reach out at