GitHub Account Registered with Render Other User?

Apologies for the super-basic Q - I’m extremely new to, just signed up for a profile to run the free trial - I connected my GitHub account, but I get an error saying this user already belongs to a previous Render account??

Pretty sure I’ve never used Render before, and this is definitely my GitHub account - perhaps I made a mistake in rushing the sign-up process for Render?

Is there a way I can check who my GitHub account is registered with on Render, and/or in general move to confirm that it’s mine? Can’t seem to find a related FAQ or relevant contact form for it.

Thanks so much! Really appreciate it.

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Yes you can. Go to, you’ll see all the apps your GitHub account is connected with. Simply revoke any unwanted apps and try again. I myself had this problem, I fixed it by unlinking GitHub profile from my account settings page and attempted to link again. And it worked for me like a charm. I hope you’ll find a solution from above.

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