Unable to login or signup

I wanted to signup for Render to host my project. On the signup page, when I enter my email id it says that my account already exists. When I go to the login page for a password reset, I never receive their mail for resetting the password, which means my account doesn’t exist. What should I do?

I tried github and google options as well, but to no avail

Any help is appreciated.

Have you had previously a account with them? Was it a clone project(personal project)?

I am not sure about it, but yeah I had heard the name Render previously

Hi vageesh,

It seems you had an old account under that email in an odd state. I’ve resolved the issue so you should be able to sign up.


I have almost the same problem, the only difference is, I accidently created two accounts. I can’t connect my github account to my render account, and even when I tried it said, " The GitHub ID xXSecreteringXx belongs to an existing Render user. Please log in to GitHub with a different ID." I accidentally misspelled my email and it wont let me change it. So right now, I can’t get on to my render account logged in with github, and I can’t get connect my github account to my actual account. Even when I tried deleting my actual account, it still keeps trying to send a “Verification Email” to my misspelled email address. Please help me soon. I might just have to find another supporter like cyclic or something.

Just fixed the problem by revoking access to my render account and then reloading the page.

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