Getting error in when deploying

Hi all! I have an app deployed on Render with automated deploys (linked to gh). The app is working fine, but is unable to build with the latest commits.

I’m getting the following error:

Jun 15 12:47:10 PM   ==> Cloning from
Jun 15 12:47:11 PM   ==> Checking out commit b0c14e06a5f3b8e969890438c0d9c91ab02d1740 in branch main
Jun 15 12:47:13 PM   ==> Downloading cache...
Jun 15 12:47:45 PM   ==> Downloaded 576MB in 10s. Extraction took 19s.
Jun 15 12:48:00 PM   /home/render/ line 40: warning: command substitution: ignored null byte in 

Some related urls:
GitHub repo
Latest working commit: 48fdd52cb2570318b2a5f182ecaaf81f2c983593
First failing commit: 91c075dce28e5c108c616f1aeb72ca3fdbb6db03
App deployed on Render with latest working commit

Note: The same app with latest commits is perfectly running in Railway and Heroku.

Hi Luis,

Thanks for reaching out.

The error is coming from our scripts around parsing the .nvmrc file. Looking at the .nvmrc in your repo it seems there may be some odd encoding:

Could you try updating that file to remove those odd characters before the v to see if that allows you to deploy successfully?



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Thanks! The .nvmrc file was generated with this command

node -v > .nvmrc

which apparently causes a bad encoding. I fixed the file and now the app deploy succesfully.

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