Free TIer queries

Docs say the free tier provides 750 hours per month of web service, and 15 minutes of inactivity spins down the service, might be a maximum of 30 seconds to spin back up when it is inactive.

My observations:-

  1. Services spin down approximately 15 minutes after starting IRRESPECTIVE of activity/inactivity.
  2. Services take about 2 minutes to spin back up.

Any views?

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Hi Soham,
Services are only spun down if there is no activity (ie inbound requests) being made to them. When a request is made it resets the 15-minute timer.

As for the 30 seconds to spin back up - we should probably put some caveats around that as it’s heavily dependent on your application, both in terms of its size (as in the output of the build) and the resources it needs to boot. I just timed a free service I have running in my own account in our Oregon region and from making a request to getting a response was 13 seconds but a larger app would definitely take longer


John B

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