Flask/React App - how to migrate external API data into my Render db?

My deployment is successful and my database is connected, but I do not have any data. In my local environment, I have a 2 files, one to get the data from an external API, and the other is a migration script to import the data into the db. I’m wondering how I can import the data into Render, would I need to seed the data somehow, or maybe run the 2 files in my build commands?

Hey David,

Well, you can either run the 2 files-process locally and send the data over to your Render-hosted database or host your 2 files-process on Render via a Cron Job: https://render.com/docs/cronjobs, which would run periodically.

Here’s how to connect to your database from outside and inside the internal Render network: https://render.com/docs/databases#connecting-to-your-database

Render Support, UTC+3

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