Failed to deploy but app is fine?

My app is fine and running but render think the app deploy failed. Why is that?
This is the log output.

Jan 23 09:48:07 PM ==> Build uploaded in 13s
Jan 23 09:48:07 PM ==> Build successful :tada:
Jan 23 09:48:07 PM ==> Deploying…
Jan 23 09:48:44 PM ==> Detected Node version 19.4.0
Jan 23 09:48:44 PM ==> Starting service with ‘node ./apps/backend/dist/index.js’
Jan 23 09:48:53 PM Connected successfully to database
Jan 23 09:48:53 PM {“level”:30,“time”:1674506933702,“pid”:52,“hostname”:“”,“msg”:“Server listening at http://[::1]:7014”}
Jan 23 09:48:53 PM {“level”:30,“time”:1674506933708,“pid”:52,“hostname”:“”,“msg”:“Server listening at”}

By the way, do you have a Discord server where it’s easier to ask for help?


The server should listen on IPv4 by default and not on IPv6, which isn’t currently supported.


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