Failed Deploy (Although 'succeeded')

As you can see, it is a half-cock deploy. Just wondering if anyone knows the problem…probably very simple. Here’s my command line ‘log’:

* hugo new site 2
* cd 2
* sudo cp -r ~/ASSETS/HUGOTHEMES/enov-hugo/themes/enov-hugo themes/
* cp -r themes/enov-hugo/exampleSite/* ./
* git init
* hugo server
* git add .
* git commit -m "first commit"
* git remote add origin
* git push -u origin master

Hi Simon,

Thanks for reaching out.

I can see there a site deployed to, but all the CSS seems to be incorrectly referencing “”:

The referenced CSS either needs to be a valid external URL or built and referenced as part of your deploy.

Please let us know if we can assist any further.


Brilliant. Thanks Boss