Server failed Exited with status 1


I’ve attempted to re-deploy my web service(Flask app) a couple of times following a new GitHub commit and each time I’ve attempted, I am getting error “Server failed Exited with status 1” . I’ve attempted to clear the build cache and re-deploy but get the same error. I have two cron jobs tied to the same GitHub repo and those deploy just fine following the commit. Can anyone help?

I’m not sure what the issue might be here - I don’t see anything on our end that sticks out to me. I would recommend investigating the commit you made right before your deployments started failing, and possibly revert your code to that point to see if it’s then able to deploy properly. You might also want to turn on DEBUG logs, if possible, so you can get more information on what might be going wrong.

An update- we believe this may be a problem on our end, and we’re looking into it further. I’ll post here again when we have anything new to share.

Hey Danielle,

Thanks for the update. After brute forcing deployment for this specific instance 5-6 times it seems to have resolved itself? I’m sure it’s something you may have to look into anyways, but the problem above is no longer happening, at least in my most recent attempt.

Hey Carlos, glad that things are working now! This was 100% part of an incident on our end (Render Status - Some Deploys Failing). Sorry for the trouble with this, and thanks for reporting your issue here.