Exposing port 5672 for RabbitMQ

I am trying to implement RabbitMQ through Deploy RabbitMQ | Render · Cloud Hosting for Developers but am having a hard time connecting to port 5672 to connect via AMQP.

I see the following in the docs:

Render automatically discovers all available ports on your RabbitMQ service and only exposes the HTTP management port outside your private Render network

Does this mean I cannot connect to it outside of render (locally or via our other APIs to publish messages)? Is there any way to expose that port through the Dockerfile or render.yml?

Thank you for any help!

Hi there,

That’s correct - running it as a web service exposes it for http requests to the admin interface but there’s no access to port 5672. That port would only be accessible from other services within your Render account as we don’t permit external access to arbitrary ports, the same applies to Dockerfile and render.yaml deploys.

We have had a feature request for this, be sure to upvote it at Allow connecting to non-HTTP services from outside Render | Feature Requests | Render

Thanks John!