Can not connect to RabbitMQ hosted on Render


I am trying to connect to my RabbitMQ server. The URI I am using is :

The connection times out and nothing is being added to the queue. What am I doing wrong?

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Render Web Services only accept HTTP requests, so access to the RabbitMQ server with amqp:// would need to be done on the internal network.

If you’re following the Render RabbitMQ docs/example and using a Web Service, the default domain will be the management interface on The RabbitMQ server itself will be available on the internal hostname (remove, e.g. amqp://rabbitmq:@rabbitmq-rpeg:5672 (amqp://rabbitmq:%3CPasswordFromENV%3E@rabbitmq-rpeg:5672)
If you’re using a Private Service, it will only be accessible on the internal hostname.

Internal hostnames are accessible by your other services in the same account/team and region.

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