Exposing multiple ports in a private Docker service

How would one go about exposing multiple ports on a private service that uses Docker?

In my Dockerfile, I have multiple EXPOSE <port> entries, and I can verify that when running wget from that service’s shell, all of those ports are listening to connections.

However, when trying to connect to that service from other services (on the same team and within the same region), I can only connect to the first port, and get “connection refused” errors for all others.

I have been unable to find anything in the documentation, and all answers regarding this topic in this forum seem to imply that it should “just work.”

I figured it out. Having a PORT environment variable automatically prevents Render from exposing others. Removing it fixed my issue.

However, is there a way of specifying multiple ports in an environment variable, considering it’s not a web service and needs not be limited to one?

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