How to expose multiple ports from Web Service


I am running my API as a Web Service on Render and that works really well.

Now I want for clients to be able to connect to a Websocket that is exposed by this API. Is there any way to do this? I read that it is only possible to expose 1 port? Then Websocket API and general API need to be separate and can not be together? That would suck massively actually.

If anyone knows with certainty and/or has a way around it, please tell.


By the way, I use Node.js with Express.


You can’t expose multiple ports to the public internet, as you found. Covered in the docs here:

If you want them on the same service you’d need to integrate your Websockets into the web server, e.g. has an example of integrating with Express:


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Oh wow, I didn’t know that this is possible, thank you so much Alan!

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