Exposing docker ports to host

Hi there,

We have a private service running a docker image. I wanted to ask for clarification on how render runs docker images behind the scenes.

Does the docker image get run using --net=host?

The use-case we have is: in the docker image we have chromium, which exposes websocket ports to localhost when a browser session is created. We would like to expose these ports to our private network so other servers can connect to them.

However we need to understand better how networking works on render between the host and the docker container.


Hey Tevon,

I don’t know the exact details but I do know that private services can expose posts to the internal network - I was trying to find a specific example in https://github.com/render-examples - we have examples for MySQL, Elastic but most of them just use the official images making use of EXPOSE

Does that clarify things for you?


John B

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