Error creating a web service

Hello, I am getting this “error Command failed with exit code 2.” while creating a webservice from Github (Flowise). I need help with debugging. Pls assist, thank you


The best place to start would be the deploy logs, to review the actual error being raised.

If you’re trying to deploy “Flowise”, they have a guide for deploying their product to Render here:


Thanks Alan. I followed their steps to the tee but it seems there is a bug in the source code coming from Flowise.

I’ve attached the screenshot of the error logs.

Their guide suggests using Docker, but the screenshot your shared doesn’t seem to be the Render Docker runtime.

However, if the issue is coming from the Flowise code, you may need to get in touch with their community to see if it’s a known issue, e.g.


I saw an update on the Github Flowise code today. I will try again with the new code. I used Node instead of Docker as per this youtube tutorial video

I’m having similar issues. Here’s a grab of my deploy log:

I followed the flowise instruction list, including using Docker. Most curious to me is the notation for the packages folder in the flowise repo: “fix weird error” even though it’s the main branch (unable to attach image b/c I’m new here). Is “weird error” related?

I admit to being a noob here – my programming experience is limited to local dev in using BASIC, C and X-BASE (yes, I’m old!), so please don’t assume I know Git/Render lingo or conventions.

Related, how do I delete a Render deployment? After the failure, I wanted to wipe the slate clean and start over in case I messed up, but I don’t see where to do that.

I created a new fork from GitHub - FlowiseAI/Flowise: Drag & drop UI to build your customized LLM flow and connected the new fork on render and my web service deployed. Please delete the failed deployment on render (delete Web service) and create a new fork on the github repository referred above and connect it on and create a new web service, it should deploy now.

The sticking point is: I don’t see any way to remove the cancelled deployment

You can delete unrequired services from the bottom of their “Settings” page.


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