Error: could not read Username when deploying

Deploy failed in automatic deployment . See screen capture below

fatal: could not read Username for ‘’: terminal prompts disabled

We’ve responded to the original poster in a support ticket they’ve opened but sharing for the wider audience.

Services are deployed as the original creator of the service - if they are removed from the team or from having Github access then deployments will fail in this manner.

If you encounter this, as it is right now, you should reach out to us via the ‘Help’ link in the dashboard and nominate a new team member (who has access to the github repos) and we can update all the affected services to deploy as the new user.

We’re definitely aware of this ‘feature’ and are working on plans to address it to make it more resistant to team change,

July 2023 Update:
This is now self service - from the settings of the service locate the ‘Build & Deploy’ panel and in there you’ll find ‘Git credentials’ - you can have it changed to use your credentials from there.