Unable to access Github repo for some sites


In our team, we have 3 sites all building from the same repo. 1 is working fine, but the other 2 are getting:

“fatal: could not read Username for ‘https://github.com’: terminal prompts disabled”

As far as i am aware, nothing has changed and I dont understand how some sites from the same repo would not work. Could someone please assist? Thanks

Hi Tomas,

Thanks for reaching out.

Services in Teams are currently linked to the deploy creds of the user account that created them. If a creating user leaves the team (or has issues with their GitHub link), it can cause trouble for deploys. We’re looking to make improvements to this behavior, but in the meantime we can help out by changing the deploying user account (if required).

I can see the 2 failing deploys were created by the same account, it’s probably best if we discuss the details over email. Please raise a ticket at support@render.com, you can reference this community post for context.




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