Edgedb on Render

I was trying to get edgedb working on render. However I ran into an issue with the docker instance runs a kill command which says operation not permitted when running on render. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Elijah,
It seems like the Clickhouse DB also uses kill in it’s setup process - can you share the dockerfile that you’re using here so we can take a look at what it’s doing ourselves here?

John B

The dockerfile I was using was

FROM edgedb/edgedb


COPY ./apps/webapp-svelte/dbschema/migrations /dbschema/migrations

CMD ["edgedb-server"]

And this edgedb image is built from here https://github.com/edgedb/edgedb-docker and it was giving me an operation not permitted issue here https://github.com/edgedb/edgedb-docker/blob/master/docker-entrypoint-funcs.sh#L1231

Apologies for the slow reply - a misconfiguration meant that replies from engineers where being posted back here -

Hello Elijah,

We’ve done some investigation on our end, and suspect that lines 1156-1163 in EdgeDB’s docker-entrypoint-funcs.sh file are causing the permissions issue: https://github.com/edgedb/edgedb-docker/blob/21b05dd52311d95007b956737ed8759e139ceee8/docker-entrypoint-funcs.sh#L1156

By default, Render runs these Docker scripts with root user, but the EdgeDB server is being started with a non-root user. When the script later attempts to kill edgedb_pid , the root user doesn’t have permission.

I would recommend trying to change the user in your Dockerfile to see if you can set a user with the correct permissions, or perhaps forking EdgeDB’s docker repo or reporting this in as an issue to them.

Hope that this helps with debugging,

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