Need help running Temporal on Render

Hi folks,

I spent 6 hours trying to run Temporal on Render today and am running into issues. Wondering if you could help?

Normal way to run a simple instance of Temporal is docker compose, but I understand that you dont support it. I also understand that you dont support creating a db programmatically. For both these reasons I need to make special modifications to run on Render, essentially translating docker-compose to render.yaml.

Here’s how far I have gotten so far: GitHub - sw-yx/temporal-render: temporal-render

It gets stuck in the logs and times out somehow - Render · The Easiest Cloud For All Your Apps (if you can see the logs)

How do I mark a blueprint build as “done”, if I need it to have a running server and the process doesn’t end?

(the reason i dont title this post after the question i just asked is to avoid XY problem - maybe i went down the wrong path and you can spot an easier route)

Hi @swyx,

The way Render marks a deploy as live is either by receiving a response from a health check endpoint in your app or detecting an open port. If neither of those things happen the deploy will time out. Also, I took a look at your render.yaml and it looks like your dockerCommand is invoking docker like you would on the command line instead of calling a CMD like you would in a Dockerfile. That language might be a bit confusing but the dockerCommand you provide in your yaml is an optional command to override the Docker CMD for your service. This will also override the ENTRYPOINT if defined in your Dockerfile. I hope this helps!

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thanks Tyler, that info on detecting an open port is useful, will try. still havent really succeeded but i got help from another Render customer who is running Temporal so i’m trying it out… still getting a sad bunch of failures.

I’d love to hear more about your experience. Where you able to get it up and running? Any information would be great.