Docs suggestion: one-off jobs can't access disks

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The persistent disks docs page (Disks | Render Docs) says: “A disk cannot be attached to Cron jobs. As an alternative, Background workers are useful for processes that need to run continuously and that don’t expose a port.”

From looking at the documentation sidebar, there look like three distinct kinds of jobs:

  • Background workers
  • Cron jobs
  • One-off jobs

I tried a one-off job, only to discover that it also can’t access the disk. I would suggest two docs updates:

  1. On the docs for jobs (/docs/jobs — I cannot post another URL), mention they cannot access persistent disk.
  2. On the persistent disk docs (linked above), update the docs to also mention one-off jobs cannot access persistent disk

It looks like this was flagged about a year ago, but might have slipped through the cracks:

Many thanks from your consideration,


Thanks for taking the time to give the feedback.

We’ll review the docs mentioned and update where appropriate to clarify the disk limitations.


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