Can Disks be accessed from Jobs?

I have a large file on an attached “Disk” to my Render application instance, and I want to process this file using the jobs API, however when I try to run the job, although the name of the disk is listed at the mount point (e.g. if I mounted my disk at /var/testdisk, it’s showing when I do cd /var && ls via the jobs API), however the contents of the disk do not show at all, and I can’t access any files on it.

Anyone have any idea how I can ensure my job has access to the contents of my disk?


Hi Edwin,
Disks can only be attached to a single instance at a time - and they cannot be attached to jobs at all. I’m going to flag this to our documentation team as it does seem like we don’t provide too much detail around this at (aside from the single instance limitation)


John B

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