Docs are confusing for specifying node version and assistance request fo rmy project

" * Add a file named .node-version to the root of your repo. This file contains a single line with the version to use:

  • Add a file named .nvmrc to the root of your repo. This file uses the same format as .node-version."

it says here: Setting Your Node.js Version | Render Docs
so I need both a .node-version and .nvmrc with the exact same thing in them? Or is it one or the other with a preference for .node-version?

My project’s requirements for the environment are like this:

## Requirements

- Node version 16, you can check your node version via `node --version` or install node from
- Node package manager (NPM) version 8, npm comes bundled with the node installation from You can downgrade your npm version if necessary via `npm install -g npm@8`
- Yarn version 1.22, you can check your yarn version via `yarn --version` or install yarn using the node package manager
via `npm install --global yarn`
- Typescript version 5, you can check your typescript version via `tsc --version` or install typescript via `npm install typescript --save-dev`

It is a refactored version of MIT Scratch app that I want to deploy and use privately. Please provide any instructions or advice.


The docs you linked show:

Set a different Node.js version in any of the following ways (in descending order of precedence):

So you only need to set one of the ways to set the version.

If you set multiple ways, the order of precedence comes into play.


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