Render doesn't respect "engines" setting in `package.json` as the docs suggest

I’m trying to configure Render to use a more modern node.js version following the docs here. I have a project containing a node.js project in the next/ subdirectory with a package.json file including:

  "engines": {
    "node": ">=16"

However, when I push my changes the build fails:

Nov 18 05:27:12 PM  ==> Cloning from
Nov 18 05:27:13 PM  ==> Checking out commit 7f5909209bef3a4dfacecaf4c3fd4aa9378abd8c in branch main
Nov 18 05:27:27 PM  ==> Downloading cache...
Nov 18 05:27:45 PM  ==> Downloaded 646MB in 6s. Extraction took 11s.
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  ==> Running build command 'cd next/ && yarn install --frozen-lockfile && yarn run build'...
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  yarn install v1.22.5
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  [1/5] Validating package.json...
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  error next@: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version ">=16". Got "14.17.0"
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  error Found incompatible module.
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  info Visit for documentation about this command.
Nov 18 05:27:48 PM  ==> Build failed 😞

How can I set the node.js version in package.json as the docs suggest?

Just tried the .node-version file route, and that doesn’t work either.

Where did you place the .node-version file? Could you maybe try with the .node-version in the root directory and not in /next. The detection is done before the build command - I tried this on a test project and with package.json in the root and on changing the engines my output was:

Nov 19 02:07:30 PM  ==> Downloading cache...
Nov 19 02:07:37 PM  ==> Downloaded 129MB in 3s. Extraction took 3s.
Nov 19 02:07:38 PM  ==> Detected Node version 17.1.0
Nov 19 02:07:40 PM  ==> Running build command 'yarn; yarn build'...

I’m in a monorepo setup so I don’t want my .node-version/package.json file to apply to every project within the repo. This would certainly explain why it doesn’t work though!

We have work planned around our Monorepo support - is what to keep an eye on,

John B

Same problem here. .node-version in the root seem to work, but both "engines": {"node": "16"} or NODE_VERSION=16 don’t seem to.

Setting temporarily the NODE_VERSION env variable (as per render docs), deploying the service and then removing it works.

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