Discord traffic very slow

all events are being sent to server but any post request takes a long time. i’ve seen the bot respond almost a whole hour after the message is sent. not sure what i can do and the work around this ip issue. maybe if i could connect to a cloud vpn which sends requests on the render server’s behalf? but i’m not sure of any


Could you share more specifics about the issue, what you’ve attempted, and so on? We’re limited in the amount of help we can provide for code-related issues and your issue doesn’t seem specifically related to Render.

Render Support, UTC+3

it is a render issue as the same repo on other platforms runs just fine. It has to do with rate limiting or something I saw before. The render ip address is being limited but I am not sure what to do.


We’ve been alerted to issues running Discord bots on us being rate limited by Discord, this is down to how traffic leaves our services - this may result in you receiving a 429 from Discord or having your requests rate limited - we’ve reached out to Discord but we don’t have a solution here yet.

You may be able to address this with a unique set of IP addresses for your service. See https://docs.render.com/quotaguard for more information.



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