Discord rate limiting

Hello. I found several posts on here from the past year+ that reference the 429 errors encountered by running Discord bots on here.

I was just wondering… has there been any update to this? It seems the issue has been known for several months at least, but my bot is still regularly going dark due to “exceeding the rate limits”, which of course is total bs.

I would just like to know if there is any planned fix for these problems or any other work-around I can try before switching to another hosting provider.


This is possibly due to the shared outbound IPs per Render region. If Discord is rate-limiting by originating IP, this could cause an issue if there are other very active Discord bots in the same region.

It’s not currently possibly to change the outbound IPs provided by Render. If you wanted to try a more unique outbound IP, you could try a service like QuotaGuard.


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