Discord Bot Sending Every Reactions Twice

I was wondering why my bot keeps posting things twice and I saw this post
But since the topic is closed and we got no response, I’m asking it again
For the reply from John_B, yes, my bot kept posting twice after deploying, and didn’t even close the process after deleting the service. So what is the reason that causes the double post?

Hey there Allen98637,

It looks like you might be attempting to run a bot on Render, there are a bunch of things that you probably need to know.

Bots are best deployed to us using a Background Service - these run persistently in the background and don’t expose any web server however, these service types aren’t available on the free plan.

If you try and run a bot via a Web Service, the deployment will probably fail, typically about 10 minutes after you’ve deployed it, and sometimes there are scenarios where 2 may be running for a period of time, this is down to our zero-downtime feature and not something that can be disabled.

We’ve been alerted to issues running Discord bots on us being rate limited by Discord, this is down to how traffic leaves our services - this may result in you receiving a 429 from Discord or having your requests rate limited - we’ve reached out to Discord but we don’t have a solution here yet.

If this doesn’t answer your question, just let us know, and we’ll try and help where we can


John B

Thank you for your response

I actually do some flask stuff and make my bot keep sending message to keep it online

I may have some extra steps like changing token everytime or keep delete and re-add the sevices. Both of them do work but I think the second solution may cause you some server waste, so I’ll just use the first solution instead

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