Deploys Failing

I deleted an env variable and my deploys are now failing. This variable wasn’t doing anything. I’ve tried to push new code and clear cache but all deploys failing and sometimes server failing.

Builds seem to be be successful but deploy fails. Service page says everything ok.

Jun 11 07:37:11 PM  ✔ Webpack: Compiled successfully in 1.37m
Jun 11 07:37:11 PM  Done in 84.61s.
Jun 11 07:37:27 PM  ==> Uploading build...
Jun 11 07:37:48 PM  ==> Build successful 🎉
Jun 11 07:37:48 PM  ==> Deploying...

Hi there, sorry you’re running into these issues, we have an ongoing incident here that is likely related, we’ll continue to post updates on our statuspage: Render Status - Intermittent issues with internal service connections

Thanks Hari, I’ll keep an eye on it. :eyes:

We have prevented new workloads from being scheduled on the problematic machines. Can you try redeploying your service?

will do

It deployed successfully. But the server failed a minute later. I think its back up now in that I can load the service but that isn’t reflected in my dashboard, still says failed.