Deployment times out (Node.js Express app)

Build runs ok. Then, after ten minutes, the start command finally executes and the server starts up:

Then the deployment status just continues to hang for a painfully long time until it gives me a failed status and a timed out message.

Build command is just npm install and start is npm run start, which is just ts-node app.ts.

I’ve searched the forums and it seems the only public answer is setting the server to, but explicitly doing so hasn’t fixed the problem, and it doesn’t seem like Express forces to localhost like some other frameworks do. The whole process takes quite a long time, so troubleshooting this has been an absolute nightmare and so I need help. The app runs locally no problem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Nick,

We’ll address this in the Support Ticket you opened since it may be more specific to your service than a general community question.



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