Deployment of Simple Static Site Taking Over an Hour


I have a very simple Node site which works on my local. I am trying to deploy as a static site which is being pulled from GitHub, but it’s been deploying (In progress…) for the last hour with no end in site. These are the settings I am using:

Root Directory: .
Build Command: node server.js
Publish directory: ./ (as recommended)

Currently, the deployment log seems to be hanging on the following:
Jun 22 03:44:13 PM ==> Running build command ‘node server.js’…

What do I need to do to have a successful deployment?


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Static Sites are for static files, just HTML, CSS, JS, etc. If your project generates start files, the Build Command is often something like npm run build

However, It looks like you’re trying to start a server in the Build Command, which is incorrect.

If you need to start a server, e.g. Express, you’ll need a Web Service. Again, a common example for a Web Service would be:

  • Build command: npm install
  • Start Command: node server.js

Take a look at our quickstarts, which show a variety of examples:


Fantastic, that worked, thank you so much Alan!

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