Can't deploy my backend server

I’m trying to deploy my server using web service but I get the following error:

I have tried changing the build command to:

node server.js,
npm start,
npm run server.js, but haven’t got any luck


Looks config could not fetched.


The output you shared is the help text from just running npm. A typical Node app using npm will have something like:

  • Build Command: npm install or, if your app requires a build script, npm install && npm run build.

  • Start Command: npm start or, directly start the service, e.g. node app.js, node server.js, etc.

The exact commands will depend on your own project and its requirements.

There are other examples in the quickstarts.


It’s working fine now thanks, The issue was that in my build command there was only npm, and I had to change it to npm start :slight_smile:

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