Deployment Fails: "Could not resolve host:"

I am trying to deploy to a service, but the initial clone is failing even after retry.

In the logs, these are the only lines:

Aug 23 04:10:11 PM  ==> Cloning from<REPO>...
Aug 23 04:10:31 PM  fatal: unable to access 'https://x-access-token:<REDACTED><REPO>.git/': Could not resolve host:

It was just working two hours ago though…

And it works now! Leaving this forum post for the community/render.

All I did was keep manually retrying.
2:16pm success
3:55pm fails
4:06pm fails
4:11pm fails
4:28pm success

Hi @jfuentes, this looks to be related to an incident we had today, which we have fully recovered from now. In the future, you can follow our Status Page to receive updates. Very sorry for the trouble here!