Deployment Fails: “Could not resolve host:” 2.0

This was just happening again: Deployment Fails: “Could not resolve host:”

No visible incidents on any of the status pages…

Manually redeploying the page a couple of times “fixed” the issue. Would be nice if the deploy could automatically restart if it encounters this specific error.

Hey Anton,

Thanks for raising this - we’ve had a handful of reports of this today and whilst we do have retry logic in place it does seem that in these instances it hasn’t been enough and you end up seeing this message. We’re investigating nevertheless.


John B

I just wanted to jump in and say we were having this issue as well, but it has expanded to other external services. Seems like a general network issue. More information here: Services stuck in unhealthy loop, exiting status code 1. DB server is intermittently down

Hi, I am also having this issue trying to deploy from Gitlab. Any update as to resolution?

Also, the status page is not showing any issues at all but it’s clearly broken right now. Should that reflect these kinds of incidents?

FYI, I’ve had external and internal failures. (I very recently had a timeout on a process getting to a redis host in render.)

We’ve made some changes now which we hope will mitigate this entirely - adding retries as well as some DNS caching for - we’re monitoring the changes to make sure they are successful,


John B

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