Deployment Failed, after running the Python script for a while

I have a python script and it runs fine locally.
This script should Ideally keep running (that is how the script is written).

On render, I have created a web service and triggered the deployment from the last github commit.
The script starts and I can see it working fine (from the logs).
But the deployment fails after ~10 mins, not sure why.

Am I doing something wrong? Please guide.

Hi there,

If you are running a “script” and not a web server (e.g. Flask/Django through Gunicorn, etc.), you’ll likely want a Background Worker, otherwise it will fail after about 10 minutes on a Web Service.

Kind regards


Thanks Alan that helped.
So I have now wrapped it into a flask app and running using gunicorn app:app.
But this too fails, attached the screenshot. Not sure what am I doing wrong.

Maybe your app isn’t responding correctly to the healthcheck?


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