Deployment fail but logs suggest it succeeded?

I’m trying to connect a Flask web service to a Postgres database. My most recent deploy appears to have failed:

Deploy failed for [`aa672f7`]: Switched Postgres port to env variable.

But when I look at the logs, the web service appears to be running:

Jun 20 08:26:30 AM postgresql+psycopg2://rylan:5XEACNVEeEtAc5GGPSPaiXYZBbI5WtnC@dpg-canr9ionlki6mmidk0g0-a:5432/deus_postgres_db
Jun 20 08:26:32 AM   * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

I’m new to Render. Can someone tell me how I should go about debugging this apparent discrepancy?

I am facing the same issue.

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Did you find a solution?

I’ve just redeployed the same app and it seems to be working.

I switched from flask run to gunicorn and that appears to have fixed the problems!

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@RylanSchaeffer It appears to me that you’ve shared the connection string / URL of your database in the logs from your first comment. I’d recommend to invalidate that URL in your backoffice.

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Thank you for catching that!! I’ve deleted the database.

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