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Hi, I’m migrating from Heroku to Render. I use my private GitHub repository. My project is a Telegram bot written in Python. I use “python3” as the Start Command. The problem is, the deployment starts, the libraries are downloaded, but an error occurs in the deployment itself and I don’t understand which one, because it is not displayed. It happens that it writes “Starting with python3”, my bot starts working for a couple of minutes and stops working. At the same time, he writes that the deployment is unsuccessful. What to do and what is the problem?

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Your issue sounds similar to this post:

I’m going to assume your bot on Heroku is using a “worker dyno” (not a “web dyno”). On Render, only Web Services (equivalent to a Heroku “web dyno”) are available on the free plan. Web Services expect (and check) the code is running a web server and is able to respond to HTTP web requests.

I’d expect you’d need a Background Worker (equivalent to a Heroku “worker dyno”) for the code you’re trying to run.



Thanks for the answer, but what should I add to my code?

I wouldn’t know what your code does, but if it’s just a bot and not a web server (e.g. using Gunicorn, etc.), you’ll need to deploy to Background Worker Service.



When i was having issues with this, i had to install gunicorn in order to deploy, but i kept getting the unsuccessful message because module app not found.

This was because my main file for running my app was called, so i had to change my start command to gunicorn run:app

try changing run from my example to main and see if that work

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