Deploying an angular app


how to deploy a static angular app? I created a static site, linked it with my github repo, did the settings and deployed the site. It builds, the site is live, but nothing appears. And I have no console logs or network error in chrome dev tools.

It is on the address



This behavior usually points to an issue with your build configuration. Static Sites expect an index.html in the root of the "Publish directory’ you set.

You’ll need to ensure your build is configured in that way. Maybe run the same build command locally to ensure the index.html is where you expect.


if you published and got Not Found error;
publish directory could be different I struggled with that too much so the best way to check it is your angular project. Go to angular.json file > projects > your-project-name > architect > build > options > outputPath

the reason is my github repo name is simpleProject and set my render publish directory to dist/simpleProject
but I created my angular app simple-project so output folder will be dist/simple-project

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