Deploying a binary

I have a rust app. And while render can build it (using cargo) just fine, It feels a bit wasteful and unnecessary slow.

I already have a build: the CI (github actions) already builds, runs and tests it. Once that is finished I want to deploy on render (I just call the deploy hook). And at that moment, render pulls and builds the project all over again.

Can I not just push the binary onto render somehow? Is Docker the route for this? Or is there another trick that I’m missing?

Hi Bèr,

Thanks for reaching out.

On our Native Environments the binary would need to be part of the codebase or built at during deploy, there wouldn’t be a way to push that binary to Render separately.

Docker may be an option, however Dockerfiles are also built during deploy, there’s not currently an option to push pre-built images, but it is on the roadmap:

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