Create a docker image using an artifact that was built by GitHub Actions

I’m considering Render as an alternative to Heroku to deploy a Haskell application.
With Heroku I’m currently using this buildpack: GitHub - mfine/heroku-buildpack-stack: Haskell Stack support for Heroku, which gives me the best developer experience I can think of: I just push my code to my GitHub repo and if the CI succeeds it builds the app and deploys it. There’s no extra step required.

I think the closest I’ll get to that is by using a custom Dockerfile in my repo. What I’d love to have is a way to trigger the deployment after the build on GitHub Actions succeeded, and the deployment should then use an artifact from the build and copy it into the Docker image.
This could be a great timesaver because otherwise I’d have to build my executable twice.
Is there a way to do that (or something similar)?

Hi there,

We don’t have a way to achieve this (yet) - it’s very much a requested feature and something we plan on addressing for sure!


John B

Thanks for the answer and the link! Sounds like something that would work for me.
Just to make sure that I get it right: the idea would be that the GitHub Action creates the whole docker image and pushes it to a private registry from where Render can pull it?

That would seem reasonable, but as we’ve not implemented anything just yet it would be subject to change :slight_smile:

John B

Ok I see. I’ll wait and see what you’ll come up with. Thanks!

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