Deploy Triggered by Render Failed

It looks like Render attempted to re-deploy my app, but that deployment failed.

Since I didn’t trigger this deploy, I don’t know what it is for. I checked, and my app is up and running fine. Is there anything that I need to do?


The same thing happened to my web service today.

Hi @Dae314,

It looks like your service was redeployed in an automated update by Render. Our systems periodically perform maintenance on our underlying infrastructure to ensure reliability, which sometimes requires applications to be redeployed.

We’re sorry for any confusion here!

I had numerous services do this as well, all failed. Initiating a manual deploy cleared the failed state. None of the failed builds had any logs so I have no idea what failed beyond the cryptic “internal system error.” thankfully the Zero Downtime Deploys did their thing and didn’t knock things offline.

We also saw this happen on several apps. Render triggered a redeploy, the deployment failed due to “system error”, no information as to what happened.

Applications appear to be running fine still, but this gives the impression that the Render platform has destabilised our applications and not helped in resolving it.

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